PPW is a customer service-driven third-party administrator located in America’s heartland. PPW is dedicated to supporting the recovery process regardless of our clients’ size or ability to pay. We believe combining the human element with technology solutions enhances our clients’ ability to fulfill their mission. more...

PPW senior staff has over 10 years experience supporting drug compliance protocols for over 40 licensing boards and a dozen in-patient treatment facilities. Our founders have provided analysis for the design and redesign, upgrade, and/or customization for compliance software programs managing thousands of participants’ monthly screens, nationally and internationally. However, there is no program too small. Our goal is to never turn away a client regardless of size or ability to pay. Call today to discuss if we might be a fit for your organization.

Service is essentially our end product and we strive to provide it with a high degree of quality. Providing excellent service is one of our core values.

Your organization’s needs create “innovative opportunities.” Those opportunities spark innovative ideas and, when combined with our technology, can take some of the burden out of the drug testing compliance process. Check out our Technology area to find out how!

Find out how we can take the pain out of the collection process. more...
Unique Needs
We realize Medical Professionals have unique drug testing compliance needs during treatment and aftercare due to availability, knowledge and exposure to “triggers.”

Small Population, Big Needs
The atypical state supported Monitoring Program is under funded and under staffed. Our innovative technology combined with the PPW human element provides small organizations an opportunity to place more focus on interventions, public safety, relapse prevention and education.

Our technology-supported multi-lab partnerships, give our clients the ability to select a testing tool based on clientele rarer than a single lab’s infrastructure.

Specific Needs
Eleos, our drug testing and client support software, has specific features related to a treatment center’s unique drug testing requirements. We have the ability to coordinate a human element into our technology by providing PPW administrative staff at your site.

PPW operations staff, remote and on-site, is dedicated to providing timely and accurate information due to time-sensitive monitoring, patient release deadlines and short-term assessments.

Our application has only the data points your organization needs.

PPW senior staff works with each client to support building and maintaining excellent relationships with your funding sources. With the PPW application, faxes and phone calls can still be used to track information down. However, the system allows participants to log in and upload their own reports, prescriptions and demographic information. All of these data points have the reporting ability to tell who is doing what and can be sorted to report specific funding mandate objectives.

Collective Partnership
We welcome any suggestions your program may have to improve our application. For example, a client recently requested the ability to relay messages to participants when checking in. This feature is now part of our application.
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